Electricity powers our homes and businesses. We rely on it for pretty much everything that we do. Cooking, lighting, entertainment, work, exercise, reading, communication, the list goes on and on. We are accustomed to having safe, healthy, instant and usable clean electricity. We should never have to question the state of electricity/ power. We should never have “Dirty Power“, or the problems that are associated with the terms “Dirty Power” or “Dirty Electricity”.

Health wise, you or a loved one may have already experienced various health related symptoms in which there is no apparent cause for, and the constant sickening feeling within your house because of “Dirty Power” and you do not realize it. Are you or a loved one electro-sensitive and feeling the effects of the “Dirty Power”?

Electrically, you may have noticed shortened life expectancy of expensive LED lights, premature burn out of newer TV’s or failed digital devices. You may have just thought it was a cheap or inferior product. These are all symptoms of a home with a corrupted source of electricity generated from the Smart Meter Grid. “DIRTY POWER” is harmful.

Most homeowners have not given much thought to the electricity supply that comes into their home. Not many people do. We take it for granted because it is not something that we can see or hear. We have the expectation for the power that the providers deliver to our houses to be safe, and we also need the electricity to work seamlessly to power our equipment. But what happens when we experience problems with our health for no apparent reason, or problems with our expensive electronics that are newer? Could “Dirty Power” be to blame?

The Larger Concerns About Dirty Power

A terrible thing about having a corrupted source of “Dirty Electricity” is that it also affects us, the people, that live in the vicinity of the “Dirty Power” Smart Meter Grids.

You cannot see, hear or smell the problem!! This makes it difficult to imagine that there is a problem at all. The problem is electrical pollution or “Dirty Power”. This type of pollution can have a very detrimental effect on your health. It is just as dangerous as polluted water delivered to your homes taps, “Dirty Power” delivered to your home circuitry causes a significant health risk to the homeowners. “The Smart Meter” Grid delivers a harmful kHz RF frequency that attaches itself to the line voltage wiring and makes all the internal wiring circuits an antenna for this killer frequency to penetrate our bodies with the documented harmful effects of it.

The effects of RF/EMF (electrical magnetic fields) on humans and animals are well documented. Studies have indicated that cancers, ADHD, brain tumors, Heart palpitations, diabetes and behavioral problems may all have a common link to “DIRTY POWER” or “Dirty Electricity”. It has been shown to cause a problem in “human cell deterioration” as well as adding to Electro-Hyper Sensitivity Syndrome.

Should I Be Concerned About Dirty Power?

This might all seem very worrying, and you are right to be concerned.

The solutions offered by PowerEMT/SineTamer help eradicate the problems that we have from a “Dirty Power” source.

Proud to be made in the USA


ST S8070A1 1S1
120/240 Volt
Single Phase up to 600 Amp Service

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USD 1,149.00

*Please Note Shipping & Handling and Duty Taxes if applicable are extra

15-Year Warranty

The unit specified is 120/240 V Single Phase and effective for up to 600 Amps. Please check with your electrician to verify your unit voltage, amperage, and phase configurations before ordering. If you have different voltages, or phase configurations, please contact us for pricing and availability.