Why Should You be Concerned About it?

Has Your Electricity Supply Been Causing Problems?

Symptoms you may be experiencing indicating a “DIRTY POWER” condition:

  • Breakers tripping frequently
  • Light bulbs blinking or burning out or outright premature failure
  • Short power spikes or dips
  • Inferior network communications
  • Equipment that is more noisy than usual or is vibrating
  • Distribution panels and neutral wiring becoming hot
  • Failing printed circuit boards in computers or other electrical equipment
  • Equipment that unexpectedly shuts down
  • Motors failing
  • Electrical conductors or relays dropping out for no reason or chattering
  • The energy or efficiency of your power is lower than expected
  • Carbon emissions are higher than expected
  • Experience many harmful health effects for no apparent reason

These problems are indicators of “Dirty Power.” They could cost a lot of money and can be a major disruption in your daily life or be very detrimental to your health. Expensive equipment can fail, and be temporarily or permanently damaged by these Power System Transients: “DIRTY POWER.”

Why should you be concerned about it?

What Exactly Is Dirty Power?

The terms “Dirty Power and Dirty Electricity” are the same thing.

A basic understanding of “Dirty Power” is, “electricity that does not behave in the way we expect it to” and behaves erratically instead. Our homes have electrical systems that “expect” a specific voltage and frequency. When the electricity that is delivered to our homes does not match these expectations, the result is, failing and malfunctioning equipment.

Erratic Electrical Problems include:

  • Power interruptions
  • Power sags and swells caused by a variation in RMS voltage
  • Variations in the frequency of the power
  • Unbalanced voltage
  • Surges or Transients in the voltage
  • Waveform distortions

This may seem complicated, but the message is, “Dirty Electricity/Dirty Power” is unpredictable energy that causes damage to devices attached to your electrical system.

Should I Be Concerned About Dirty Power?

This might all seem very worrying, and you are right to be concerned.

The solutions offered by PowerEMT/SineTamer help eradicate the problems that we have from a “Dirty Power” source.

ST S8070A1 1S1
120/240 Volt
Single Phase up to 600 Amp Service

*Please Note Shipping & Handling and Duty Taxes if applicable are extra.